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Company History

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Boiler and Energy Inspection Services cc was originally established in August 2005 to provide Third Party Inspection Services to the South African and Africa Industry.

The aim of the company was to employ and surround itself with the necessary specialized expertise required to effectively and efficiently supply the required service to industry. This has been achieved, resulting in combined experience in excess of twenty years.

The objective set at that time was to ensure that the proposed company objective can work to the satisfaction of its customer base, thus a period of practical infield experience was going to be required, regardless of experience already gained, before actual projects will be assigned.

This period was also going to be necessary to ensure that the requirements of regulations for vessels under pressure now pressure equipment regulation; SANS 347 and SANS 10227;2012 will be fully entrenched in the company.

This has taken some time, resulting in the company now in 2006, being recognized accredited by SANAS and approved by the Department of Labor, as a “Government – Approved Inspection Authority” in accordance with OHS Act & Regulations 85 of 1993 for vessels under pressure amended to pressure equipment regulation:2009.